Embracing Slow Ethical Fashion

Moda MarieClaire was born out of the simple desire for access to modest feminine quality clothing. We wanted to design styles that were classic and beautiful, timeless and classy. The company has grown from serving a small community of ladies looking for a modest wardrobe to shipping internationally to ladies from all over the world who appreciate quality feminine clothing in superior quality fabrics and who have become loyal customers.

Moda MarieClaire embraces slow ethical fashion, as the alternative to the seasonal binging of fast fashion. The idea is to offer good quality clothing that doesn’t follow seasonal trends but provides beautiful staples for the wardrobe. We want to inspire people to buy less, choose well and make it last.

Fast fashion is the term given to today’s fashion world. Clothes are made extremely cheaply and last for a very short time as they are often created with low-quality materials. Brands put out hundreds of trendy styles that are no longer in fashion a couple of months later. This current state of the fashion industry hurts people because it means making clothes as cheaply as possible and so every person from the farmer growing cotton to the people processing the fabric, and those making the clothes potentially work in appalling conditions for far less than a living wage. This industry traps people in poverty. It also uses toxic chemicals as the fabric is chosen for price, regardless of how much environmental damage is involved. The clothing is bought, worn and replaced very quickly and so more clothing ends up in landfills, which is not good for the environment.

The kind of quality we offer does come at a price and so to keep our dresses affordable we have turned to a team of very talented tailors and seamstresses in Vietnam. They are paid well for the clothing they make and work in very good conditions. We personally spend time with them working together as we help each other by growing the business. We have spent much time investing in the team and they are worth every penny with their excellent skill and quality workmanship. They take our designs and turn them into reality and they do it so well. When you purchase with us, you are not lining the pockets of millionaires who don’t care who they hurt to make their money… you are paying for school fees and dinners for real families directly.

We also spend much time looking for quality natural fabrics. Our casual dresses are now made in natural linen and cotton because these materials are natural and they last. We are moving towards all our cotton being supplied from compliant sources and tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex, giving you peace of mind.

A couple of last notes:
When you purchase with us, you can amend any of the designs and even use your own sizes should you feel our size guide doesn’t work for you. We are happy to add sleeves to dresses that have short sleeves or vice versa. If you love a particular design but would like a collar on it, we can do that too. Just get in touch and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.