[wp_sitemap_page] To display a traditionnal sitemap
[wp_sitemap_page only=”page”] To display the pages
[wp_sitemap_page only=”page” sort=”menu_order”] To display the pages sorted by menu order. Possible values are: ‘post_title’, ‘menu_order’, ‘post_date’, ‘post_modified’, ‘ID’, ‘post_author’, ‘post_name’.
[wp_sitemap_page only=”post”] To display the posts by category
[wp_sitemap_page only=”post” sort=”count”] To display the posts by category. Categories sorted by number of posts. Possible values are: ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘slug’, ‘count’, ‘term_group’
[wp_sitemap_page only=”post” sort=”post_name” order=”ASC”] To display the posts by category. Posts sorted by name with ascendent order. Possible values for “order” attribute are: ‘ASC’, ‘DESC’
[wp_sitemap_page display_category_title_wording=”false”] To hide the word “category” on the title of each category
[wp_sitemap_page only=”category”] To display the categories
[wp_sitemap_page only=”category” sort=”count”] To display the categories sorted by number of posts. Possible values are: ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘slug’, ‘count’, ‘term_group’
[wp_sitemap_page only=”tag”] To display the tags
[wp_sitemap_page only=”archive”] To display the archives
[wp_sitemap_page only=”author”] To display the authors
[wp_sitemap_page only=”author” sort=”post_count”] To display the authors, sorted by number of posts by author. Possible values are: ‘name’, ’email’, ‘url’, ‘registered’, ‘id’, ‘user_login’, ‘post_count’.
[wp_sitemap_page only=”e-landing-page”] To display the landing pages
[wp_sitemap_page only=”elementor_library”] To display the my templates
[wp_sitemap_page only=”product”] To display the products
[wp_sitemap_page only=”mailpoet_page”] To display the mailpoet page
[wp_sitemap_page only=”styler_popups”] To display the popups builder
[wp_sitemap_page only=”product_cat”] To display the product categories
[wp_sitemap_page only=”product_tag”] To display the product tags
[wp_sitemap_page only=”product_shipping_class”] To display the product shipping classes
[wp_sitemap_page only=”styler_product_brands”] To display the brands
[wp_sitemap_page only=”cr_tag”] To display the tags for reviews
[wp_sitemap_page display_title=”false”] To display a traditionnal sitemap without the title
[wp_sitemap_page only_private=”true”] Display only the private page (do not works with other kind of content)